I Promoted to District Manager!


After a team call in July I hit a big turning point in my goal to become a district manager by the end of July. I was fired up after the team call and I was determined to do everything I could to make the promotion. I started to pray, I mean really pray. The kind of prayer where God knows your serious. I wasn’t asking for it, I was telling God I had heard him. When he told me he wanted me to sell Arbonne I said okay and I was excited, but I wasn’t determined. I hadn’t resolved myself to realize this was bigger than I knew. When I prayed after that team call God brought this verse to my mind, “For I KNOW the plans I have for you. Plans to PROSPER”. Specifically those parts of the verse. I couldn’t remember the rest of the verse so I went and looked up the rest. “to give you HOPE and a FUTURE”. If you all have checked out one of my earlier posts, I talk about my why for Arbonne being to provide a way for my future, to be able to save to start and family and feel confident in my adult life. God heard my why, and God told me to just trust him, he knows he plans he has for me, to prosper me, to give me hope and a future. I also really love that its not hope FOR a future, but hope AND a future. I can hope and dream and plan, AND have my future, and I am so grateful.

It came down to the last day of the month, but on the last day, I hit my 3,500 qv and promoted to District manager. I am on my way to supplementing my full income with Arbonne, and I am thrilled. I’m not thrilled because on the money. I am thrilled because I know I can’t do this alone, and I know that everyone that comes and joins my team is joining because God has a plan for me and how I can serve them through my Arbonne business. I am thrilled that I get to serve others is such an awesome way!

I have a special vision for my team, and if I reach out to you about being on my team I want you to know my vision:

  1. Know that if I reach out to you, it is because I got that little nudge from God saying, “They need this”.
  2. “This” is a family. It’s filled with imperfect people seeking freedom in health, life, and wealth.
  3. My team will be filled with encouragement for whatever you need. Whether that be in your business, or anything else.
  4. We are going to push each other to meet our goals in our businesses, our physical goals, our goals for bettering our relationships, and our spiritual goals.
  5. There is no room for hate or ugliness, but there is always room for feedback. You need those people in your life that you can trust to check you, and tell you the hard truth.
  6. That spreading love and opportunity is our main mission.

My name is Mikayla Benigno, and I am a recently promoted Arbonne Independent Consultant, District Manager! Would you like to Join my Girl Gang?

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