Kids at Work!

Where am I 40 hours a week Monday through Thursday? I am working for Aspire Youth and Family! I am a culinary instructor and the counties that I service are Henderson, Polk, and Madison. I absolutely love my job. I get to make a tangible difference in my students lives, by doing the things I am most passionate about. I get to work with kids, I get to teach, and I get to teach them how to cook.

Our classes are three hours long and happen at the same time every week. The first hour is an interpersonal lesson run by our interpersonal coaches. This is the part of class where our students learn why they are the way they are, and what they can do to better themselves and their relationships. Some of those lessons include: Placating, Passive Aggressive Behavior, Needs vs. Wants, Non Verbal Communication, Active Listening. I am so fortunate that my interpersonal partners want me to participate in their lessons. I enjoy connecting to the students during this part of the class. When we can connect to the students during this part of class it only improves their chances of valuing the information we are trying to give them.

During my portion of class I teach them the fundamentals of cooking, from knife skills to cooking methods and butchery. Most importantly, I am teaching them how to cook healthy, affordable, and simple meals that taste good without them even knowing! All of my meals are Clean eating Challenge approved. My students are eating one Gluten, Dairy, Soy, and Added sugar free meal without even knowing!

This is the first time in a long time that both of my full time jobs are service based and have me feeling fulfilled and happy at the end of a long day. I am so grateful for my job and the difference I can make in these student’s lives.

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