My Life with PCOS

“There’s no test to definitively diagnose PCOS. Your doctor is likely to start with a discussion of your medical history, including your menstrual periods and weight changes. A physical exam will include checking for signs of excess hair growth, insulin resistance and acne. The exact cause of PCOS is unknown. Early diagnosis and treatment along with weight loss may reduce the risk of long-term complications such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.” on PCOS

Living with PCOS is a lot of unknowns. There is no way to know for sure if you have it, we don’t know the cause, and there’s really not much we can do about it  but we will give you a lot of medicine for it. When I first became diagnosed I was happy because I thought that it meant I had answers for what was going on with me. I was having extremely irregular periods, and when I would finally have a period then it was extremely heavy and painful. Other than that, my only other symptoms were weight loss resistance, and extreme mood swings and imbalance. I didn’t have really bad acne, or body acne, and I didn’t have any abnormal hair growth. The only other symptom are the cysts, which you have to check with an ultrasound. Even if you do have ovarian cysts, your treatment plan isn’t any different (or at least that’s what I was told).

I was diagnosed in 2016, since then nothing has really changed except that the birth control they put me on regulates my periods. The metformin that they prescribed only helps with weight loss by causing me extreme gastro-intestinal distress, as far as I can tell. So, I have ended up taking the metformin off and on. At the time of diagnosis they just told me that I needed to lose weight and it would fix the rest of the symptoms and potential infertility later in life. It has been three years since my diagnosis and I finally went back to the doctor. This was the best decision I could’ve made.

I went to the OBGYN for the first time back in April. What pushed me to go was the amount of uterine pain I was having. I was so scared that I would go and would be told I had developed endometriosis, or they felt a growth, or just the worst possible scenario. (Pessimistic much right?) Everything checked out clear, but I got the same homework… to lose weight, and my doctor put me on some weight loss medication to help with the weight loss resistance. He also gave me this homework:

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 6.02.45 PM

When I saw this I had hope, because I already had the tools in my arsenal. I had the perfect tool. The only thing I had to do was add in some exercise. With my next appointment I brought in all of my Arbonne supplements and my 30 days to Healthy Living kit. My doctor was thrilled that I had these tools and they had the quality they did.


Digestion Plus: Helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and blood sugar levels, by promoting                                      healthy serotonin levels through gut  health.

Detox Tea: Helps reduce inflammation and reduce bodily toxins through supporting                               liver and kidney function.

Protein Shake: Healthy, easy, meal replacements that are glycemic balanced and safe for                             anyone with insulin resistance.


Greens Balance: Adds 7 superfood salads worth of vitamins and minerals per serving!

Vitamin Boost: Any vitamins not found in Arbonne’s products already, are found in the                                Vitamin Boost to fill in all the gaps.

Fizz Sticks: Helps boost metabolism and control blood sugar in between meals.


Thermobooster: Helps boost metabolism to promote weight loss.

7-Day Cleanse: An extra boost and support for your liver and kidneys while processing toxins and heavy metals from the body.

All of the products are perfect for promoting the optimal conditions for weight loss and healing with PCOS, especially when used with Arbonne’s 30 Days to Healthy Living challenge.

Check out my post about the 30 Days to Healthy Living Challenge! If you have PCOS or even suffer from hormonal imbalances I highly recommend giving this a try.

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