Let’s Talk About…30 Days to Healthy Living!

In my post about PCOS I talked about how Arbonne’s 30 Days to Healthy Living, and how it was a big role in how I treat and manage my PCOS. Here is the run down of what the 30 days program is, and why it specifically works for me, and what it can do for you!

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar to you?


A lot of them sounded like me, when I was first introduced to the challenge. Specifically: bloating, brain fog, muscle aches, anxiety, acid reflux, inflammation, overheating, blood sugar imbalance, decreased metabolism, PMS, headaches, sugar cravings, chronic fatigue, depression, inability to lose weight, mood swings, and weight gain. Most of these boil down to the hormonal imbalance and the fact that I wasn’t caring for my body the way I should. I was dieting, but I was also still pumping my body full of toxins without even knowing. Anything your body can’t use is considered a toxin.


So what is the 30 Day’s to Healthy Living Challenge?

  • A 30-day whole foods clean eating program.
  • A system to equip people with the tools & knowledge to implement life-long health.
  • A rest for the liver and kidneys to maximize function.
  • An elimination program to help uncover food sensitivities.
  • A weight loss jumpstart.

Here is a quick run through from Dr. Tanda Cook!

If this sounds good to you, then I want to make sure you know what this program is NOT:

  • A deprivation diet
  • A fast
  • A liquid diet
  • A water weight diet
  • A lose weight fast diet

So what will you get?


  • 2 bags of Protein Shake (60 servings)
  • 2 boxes of Herbal Detox Tea (60 servings)
  • 2 boxes of Fizz Sticks (60 servings)
  • 1 box of Digestion Plus (30 servings)
  • Then chose 2: Greens Balance, 7- Day Cleanse, or Fiber Boost

Now what will you have to do?

  • Follow the program as outlined, using all of the supplements you receive
  • Eat every 4-6 hours
  • Have one clean and green meal a day either for lunch or dinner
  • Stay active in the Facebook group, where you will get your meal plans, grocery lists, and all questions answers
  • Take before and after pictures to document your progress for yourself
  • Keep an open mind about how your relationship with food may change


I just really didn’t realize how much of a funk I was in…. this weekend was the first weekend in a long time where I felt myself again. I got to spend Saturday with a friend for life Lilli. I also got to have an amazing business meeting Saturday morning and share the freedom that working an Arbonne business can bring. Then on Sunday I got to meet with my new team member Autumn and her daughter and plan for her to meet her goals for August and share the joy. Then Sunday night Jake and I went and had a date, and sang and danced and just felt free.

The thing that finally sparked how much had changed was driving home from our date I had a car concert. Music blaring, windows down, singing at the top of my lungs… even with a headache.

When you struggle with a hormonal imbalance like I do, I don’t want to go out and see people, I feel crazy, but I also feel fatigued, I feel like a burden to those I love because I don’t feel fun. I couldn’t even have car concerts because I would have sensory overload and just shut down…

I was pushed to see all of these people because of Arbonne, and because I made a commitment to reach my goals and promote to district manager this month. But the joy that I feel now, the joy that you can see on my face is because of the Arbonne Clean Eating Challenge. I am balanced, I am alkaline, I am not pumping my body full of things that don’t serve me and my purpose. I have the energy and the desire to see people again!!! I am just so unbelievably grateful. I haven’t felt like this since summer of 2017, and I am so so so grateful to feel and be free from what was weighing me down.

(Excerpt from my Facebook post after my month on the Clean Eating Challenge, my before and after is below)


So what can you expect?

  • You can expect to have more energy and feel better than you’ve felt in a long time.
  • Average weight loss can be anywhere from 5-14 lbs for women, and 12-20 from men.
  • Finding  food sensitivities you didn’t know you had.
  • Resolved gastro intestinal issue like diarrhea, constipation, bloating, acid reflux, and indigestion.
  • Resolved sleeping issues, falling asleep easier and staying asleep.

Where will you be in 30 days if you keep going the way you’re going? Are you ready to change your trajectory?


Kids at Work!

Where am I 40 hours a week Monday through Thursday? I am working for Aspire Youth and Family! I am a culinary instructor and the counties that I service are Henderson, Polk, and Madison. I absolutely love my job. I get to make a tangible difference in my students lives, by doing the things I am most passionate about. I get to work with kids, I get to teach, and I get to teach them how to cook.

Our classes are three hours long and happen at the same time every week. The first hour is an interpersonal lesson run by our interpersonal coaches. This is the part of class where our students learn why they are the way they are, and what they can do to better themselves and their relationships. Some of those lessons include: Placating, Passive Aggressive Behavior, Needs vs. Wants, Non Verbal Communication, Active Listening. I am so fortunate that my interpersonal partners want me to participate in their lessons. I enjoy connecting to the students during this part of the class. When we can connect to the students during this part of class it only improves their chances of valuing the information we are trying to give them.

During my portion of class I teach them the fundamentals of cooking, from knife skills to cooking methods and butchery. Most importantly, I am teaching them how to cook healthy, affordable, and simple meals that taste good without them even knowing! All of my meals are Clean eating Challenge approved. My students are eating one Gluten, Dairy, Soy, and Added sugar free meal without even knowing!

This is the first time in a long time that both of my full time jobs are service based and have me feeling fulfilled and happy at the end of a long day. I am so grateful for my job and the difference I can make in these student’s lives.

Thank God for my side hustle!

Back in June when I had gotten my first first paycheck from Aspire Youth and Family I realized what working for a non profit means monetarily. Let me just tell you, I am some one who loves to budget and plan out my month. I was actually super excited to only get paid once a month, its easier to budget! However, its hard to budget when there isn’t anything TO budget. Its really comical… I would just subtract out my bills and rent and then just look at the rest and go….. “well thats how much I have to eat on for the month”.

So what do you do when you get in a position like this? You know you are where God wants you to be, and you haven’t felt this happy in a job for a long time. I also knew that I wanted to be saving for my future, and that I had to find another source of income to make that happen. I have babysat, nannied, house/pet sat, and run my own business called Mikayla’s Meals to make some extra money. So I just prayed. I prayed for God to provide me the opportunity to make money to save for my future, and wouldn’t interfere with my 9-5 job. Within a week I had 5 different people approach me about wanting to buy Arbonne from me.

That was at the beginning of June. I decided to commit sign up as an independent consultant again in July and work my business. The key thing here is commitment. I committed to working my business faithfully, with gratitude, because God gave me this opportunity and these people that wanted to shop with me.

God rewards those that are faithful and those that listen to him. The day after I signed up and placed my order for the month, Arbonne release a promotion for July. Instead of having to have 6000 qv to promote to the first level of management, they were reducing the qualifications to 3000 qv to promote to district manager. If that isn’t a reward from God, I don’t know what is.

I love that my side hustle, and my 9-5 are both service oriented jobs. I have a service driven heart and love that I get to serve my communities and promote health starting at home in both jobs.

Check out my post about Arbonne, to find out why I chose to sell the products, and why I only use Arbonne and have for six years!

XOXO, Hashimoto’s Heiress

Lets talk about… the Auto Immune Protocol Diet and My Recipe Formats

I realized when posting my recipes that two issues were raised. One being, that most people were not understanding when I was putting in optional ingredients into my recipes that were not strictly AIP. The other being, that a lot of people weren’t quite sure what AIP means.  This post should clear everything up! 

Let’s first begin with what is AIP. AIP stands for Autoimmune Protocol. We don’t know a lot about Autoimmune diseases. What we do know is what is happening when you have one. Your body basically becomes confused from being under stress, and this can be from a variety of different causes.  Your body then starts to attack itself in a state of hypersensitivity, where it can’t tell the difference between foreign invaders and your healthy tissue. This causes a lot of inflammation, which can lead to severe gastro-intestinal distress. The AIP diet is one of the first steps doctors will recommend or require in your healing process. The AIP diet is an extensive elimination diet. The target is to reduce all foods that could potentially cause inflammation, or mimic inflammatory foods. Now, there are many interpretations of this diet. The main thing I realized upon my research is that most people don’t take it a step further and get  food tested for their specific irritations and flare triggers. This doesn’t matter in the midst of a flare up however. If your body is having an autoimmune response, you should go back to the full restricted diet, in the midst of a flare up, your body has a hard time differentiating.

Below is the list of foods that should be eliminated when starting the AIP Diet:

screen shot 2019-01-11 at 2.50.55 pm
This list is taken directly from my Mother’s specialist for her Hashimoto’s.

Let’s now talk about the way I write my recipes. First and foremost, I am a chef! So my number one priority is whether or not my recipe tastes good. I believe in building flavor where ever I can in a recipe. With that being said, I am my mother’s chef as well as a chef to all. I accommodate dietary limitations on a daily basis for my students, as well as accommodating my mother’s AIP restrictions when I cook dinner for her on most nights. Part of my mother’s treatment was getting tested for food triggers. So we now know what are hard no’s for her diet, what things she should limit, and what things she doesn’t have to limit anymore. Like I said earlier in the post, the main thing I realized upon my research is that most people don’t take it a step further and get  food tested for their specific irritations and flare triggers. This doesn’t matter in the midst of a flare up however. If your body is having an autoimmune response, you should go back to the full restricted diet, in the midst of a flare up, your body has a hard time differentiating. So when writing my recipes I write them with options. From now on I will make sure that all recipes are written with the hard restrictions first, and then make addendums  based on what I would add if you have found your specific dietary triggers.  I hope this post has cleared up your questions about the AIP diet as well as any questions about how I write my recipes!

As always, comment down below any questions you have!

XOXO, Hashimoto’s Heiress


2018 Reflection

My friend Bethany had started a tradition and shared it with my family a few years back. At the beginning of each year, pick a word that you want to characterize your year. The sad thing is, as I’m sitting here reflecting I can barely remember what my word was for 2018. I am pretty sure it was “Determined”. I wanted to go into the start of 2018 determined to finish what I started in 2017, and to be determined to stick with my goals for the new year. Well, for the first season of 2018 I stuck with my word. I finished out the hardest experience of my life. I graduated culinary school, and made an A on my final project, my capstone. That was in April.


After April, well let’s say that June and July were a whirlwind. Graduation, my first vacation with my boyfriends family, the summer trip to Disney with my family, and my first real job out of culinary school. Unfortunately it did not turn out like I had hoped. I was just a tool, my talent was abused and not appreciated. I was under worked because the staff that were on work visas, got prioritized. It was a good experience, I always gain knowledge of the kind of business i want to run in the future, as well of the kind of community I want to promote within my staff. It is very rare to find employers, and a company community with the same values that I have. I probably could have made it through the end of their season, but it came down to a morality issue. I could not work for someone who publicly was an adulterer and wasn’t fired, but his co-part was, because she wasn’t “the boss”.


The third chapter of my year started when I started at the 1889 White Gate Inn, my current job. Here, I am a head chef and kitchen manager. I run the entire culinary operation for this Inn. The menu planning, budgeting, shopping, executing, and all the extras in between. This job allows a lot of freedom, which is wonderful. I took this job because of the title. Not because I needed the title, but because it would set me up for my future. Working under the title of head chef/ kitchen manager for over a year will look great on my resume. It will open up the doors to having corporate management positions that offer a better salary, benefits, and a more family friendly schedule for when I’m ready to start a family later in life.


Then everything kinda fell apart. Work is not as free and fulfilling as it used to be, but I’m still determined to make it a year there at least. I wish that was the worst of it, but it’s not. My mom got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. You may be wondering what that has to do with me. Well, when mom got diagnosed she realized through researching that I was exhibiting most of the Hashimoto’s symptoms as well. So then I had to play a waiting game, when I finally decided on a new doctor to be able to diagnose me, I was told that the earliest appointment I could get was three weeks away. So I waited. When I finally had my appointment, my doctor was reluctant and rude when I asked to be tested for the TPO antibodies, but I was determined. My results came back relatively okay. As of this point I do not have Hashimoto’s. However, I am at risk for having it, and I may have had possible adrenal fatigue as well. So, my marching orders were to  de-stress. To keep my cortisol levels down and to reduce my anxiety. A few weeks later I am taking a walk with my boyfriend and henry, our pup. I had been doing yoga, I had been diffusing and using essential oils to help balance my stress. I was actively working on letting things go, not worrying about things outside of my control, and not taking so many things as a personal offense. I was determined, I was happy. Then I get a call, that my best friend has died. Then I learn that he didn’t just die, but he was murdered. I love on his family, I speak at his funeral. I am afraid. I am afraid to let myself grieve, because i’m afraid that my body won’t be able to handle it. At the same time I feel like I can’t grieve because I don’t feel like he could really be gone. He was supposed to be on his way home in a couple of weeks, just in time for my birthday. I turned 21 this year. I am officially an adult. I had an amazing birthday. I got to spend it with all the people I love. My Mimi and Pap, my parents and my sister, my boyfriend and henry, and my boyfriends family. I felt so loved, so happy, yet so sad. The rest of the year seemed to go by in a blur. Christmas is my favorite time of year, but this year it seemed to slip up on my and sneak away too quickly. I don’t know if I quite lived up to my word of the year, I definitely was not determined about my health goals for the year. I am ready to leave 2018 behind. As it went on I can tell i’ve slipped further into a depression, unhealthy eating habits, and my cortisol levels are back up. I have a lot of unfinished business to work on in 2019, and I hope you all are ready for what’s in store.


This is what I learned in 2018.

  1. Don’t set goals you aren’t actually determined to meet.
  2. Don’t take anyone in your life for granted. They chose to love you, and chose to be apart of your life, so be grateful.
  3. Get a dog.
  4. Food won’t always make you feel better.
  5. It’s okay to not feel like listening to music, it’s not okay to stop others.
  6. You can not get through this world alone. If you don’t have a support system, find one.
  7. God is still the same, today, tomorrow, and yesterday.

So, stay tuned for my next post. I will let you know my word for next year. Any guesses?


About Hashimoto’s Symptoms

Dear Reader,

When battling Hashimoto’s, most of the information you read about symptoms are dealing with strictly Hypothyroidism symptoms.  However, because it is an autoimmune disease and not just a Hypothyroidism disease, you can experience both Hyper and Hypo symptoms depending on what stage you are at. When your body is initially attacking your thyroid, a lot of thyroid hormones that are stored can be released. This causes an influx of stimulating hormones, which makes your body over work itself and exhibit Hyperthyroidism symptoms. Over time, your thyroid can become deadened from being attacked by the antibodies. It won’t be able to produce enough hormones, and the stored up supply has been depleted by the Hyperthyroidism. Even when most of these symptoms are under control by your treatment regimen, you can still have flare-ups. Flare-ups can be caused by stress, eating something that can trigger the antibodies, being sick, not listening to your body telling you to rest, not maintaining self-care, or not maintaining your supplement regimen. The most important thing is to listen to your body. If you’re feeling stressed, make more of an effort to relax. If you are starting to feel fatigued, don’t exercise and don’t over do it. Take a nap, go to bed early, take a day off from work. Maintaining your bodies peak efficiency with your disease should now be your number one priority. Hashimoto’s doesn’t have a cure, but we can enter remission if we become in tune with our bodies, trust our specialist, and think positively.

I am adding an extra column so that you can check off the symptoms you are experiencing, as well as tally up what kind of symptoms at the end. Knowing which kind of symptoms you favor can help identify what stage of the disease you’re in.

Symptom Category Are You Experiencing this Symptom?
Fatigue Both
Mental Fog/ Unable to Concentrate Both
Memory Loss/ Forgetfulness Hypo
Sensitivity to Cold Hypo
Sensitivity to Heat Hyper
Sudden Increase in Weight Hypo
Extreme Weight Loss Hyper
Resistance to Weight Loss with Diet and Exercise Hypo
Feeling More Fatigued After Working Out, Instead of Energized Both
Low Libido Both
Constipation Hypo
Diarrhea Hyper
Bloating Both
Depression Hypo
Irritability Hyper
Anxiety Hyper
Dry Brittle Hair Hypo
Hair Loss Hyper
Peeling and Brittle Nails Both
Dry Skin Both
Puffy Face/ Inflammation Both
Goiter on the Thyroid Both
Infertility Hyper
Heavy Periods/ Irregularity Hypo
Light periods/ Irregularity Hyper
Rapid Heartbeat Hyper
Slow heartbeat Hypo
Irregular heartbeat/ PVCs Both
Muscle weakness Hyper
Muscle stiffness Hypo
Moving Joint and Muscle pain Hypo
Total Symptoms Hypo:                     Hyper:             Both:

Thank you for reading, and I hope that this list, and “worksheet”, can help you identify your symptoms. If you have many of these, take them to your doctor and have them run a blood test for TPO levels! If you are already diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, let me know in the comments what symptom(s) you struggle with the most. Also, what have you identified that can trigger a flare-up, and how do you manage them? As always, if you have experienced any symptoms that I may have missed, let me know! I will add them to the list!

XOXO, Hashimoto’s Heiress

About the Author

Dear Reader,

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to get to know me a little better. I hope that my website is able to be a great resource for you!

Background about my family:

I am a daughter to two amazing parents. They both have chosen to dedicate their life to better education for teachers and students. My father is an assistant principal for an intermediate school. My mother is an outreach director for a non-profit organization called, The Science House. They are constantly working to serve others, which inspired me to serve a community worldwide. I also have an amazing little sister in high school.  She is extremely intelligent, logical, empathetic, and I strive to have her calculated wit.

I am two years in to dating my amazing man. He is a plumber, a fisherman, and an amazing guitar player. We also have a little mountain fiest named Henry James, or as we lovingly refer to him, Poopy James. Henry loves to roll in anything smelly, which is how he earned his nickname.

We are a Disney loving, loud laughing, mountain living, good eating, kind of family.

Legacy Photo
This is the most recent picture of us all together! It was taken about 3 years ago, we aren’t very good about having family pictures made. Can anyone else relate?

My Man, and Henry James

Background about my education and career:

I am a recent graduate of culinary school! I have and associates degree and a degree in culinary arts. I love everything about the hospitality industry. I have been in the industry for 8 years. At the age of  13, while I was in high school, I starting interning at a local restaurant. It was an experience I would recommend to any high schooler thinking they would be interested in starting a career in hospitality. It gives you a glimpse of the stress, responsibility, and devotion that the industry requires. ” If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”! It is true in so many aspects. Hospitality is one of the most physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding jobs, and I love every bit of it. Right now I am a Culinary Instructor for a non-profit called Aspire Youth and Family. I am specifically involved with their program Kids at Work!. Kids at Work is a diversion program for at risk youth that are apart of the juvenile justice system. I love my 9-5 job as it provides me the opportunity to serve my community through serving my communities youth.

Background about my health:

In August 2018, my mom was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease. An autoimmune disease that causes your body to attack your thyroid. When she learned about the symptoms and the common misdiagnosis of hypothyroidism, she quickly started to talk to her mother, and me. My mom’s mother, developed a tumor on her thyroid resulting in her having to get part of her thyroid removed. This is a common symptom of un-properly treated Hashimoto’s. My grandmother’s TPO levels were never checked, she also may have Hashimoto’s

In 2015 I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), generalized anxiety disorder, and depression. At that time I was placed on birth control, metformin, prozac, and sleeping pills. I have reduced my prescriptions to just birth control. In October of 2018, I decided to be proactive about my mother’s diagnosis and have some blood work done. What I found was bittersweet. I do not have Hashimoto’s currently. However, I possible adrenal fatigue, which is a pre-Hashimoto’s symptom. I have low free T3 levels and low T3 uptake levels. This means that I am having a hard time converting T4 into T3, and my cells are not absorbing T3 either. My adrenal response and my T3 levels go hand and hand. Cortisol, which is the product of an adrenal response, can block the receptors for your T3, this causes fatigue because your cells are not receiving.

In summary, I do not have Hashimoto’s but I more than likely have the gene since my mother has it, and because I am already exhibiting some early thyroid symptoms. I have an opportunity that a lot of people with Hashimoto’s don’t have. I have the opportunity to prevent this disease. I could choose to live extravagantly, ignore my stress levels, and eat whatever I want, but I won’t. I have the chance to hopefully prevent this gene from ever turning on. I also have this chance to support my mother, and journey along side her. We are both working towards preventing, or remission of Hashimoto’s. To do this we are both researching, partnering with a specialist, and digging in to all-things Hashimoto’s.

Me, Momma, and Mimi. We had just gotten rained on. We were headed to Ohana, at the Polynesian Resort at Disney, for dinner!

Thank you for reading XOXO,

Hashimoto’s Heiress