Let’s Talk About…. Doctors

Dear Reader,

Let me start by saying that general practitioners, are generally not going to be an expert on auto immune diseases. It is not their fault. They have too many patients to carve time out to focus on an individual case. They are also just general practitioners, for the most part they don’t have the knowledge on rare and persnickety auto immune diseases. This is why they try to refer you or suggest that you look for a specialist. With that being said, you should not have to push your doctor to find out what is wrong with you, or push them to run further tests. This is why I believe that it is best to, once diagnosed, seek help from a specialist to have target personal care. Every case of Hashimoto’s is personal. My mom and I don’t have all the same symptoms, and we may not have all of the same flair triggers.

(Disclaimer, I am not a doctor and I can not diagnose you. However, I speak from personal and factual experience and strive to provide credited information.)

Now, Hashimoto’s is an extremely common misdiagnosed disease. I urge anyone diagnosed with Hypothyroidism to have their thyroid peroxidase antibodies checked by their general practitioner. If your levels are above average then you most likely have Hashimoto’s Disease.  You may be asking, how did I know that I had Hashimoto’s? I will have another blog post about common symptoms and what Hashimoto’s is. I plan on having a whole ” Let’s talk about…” series, for people recently diagnosed, think they may be misdiagnosed, or think they might have Hashimoto’s. The goal is early preventative care. If not diagnosed and treated into remission early, Hashimoto’s can develop into more serious auto immune diseases.

Okay! Back from that tangent! Doctors! We need them, they are the experts! I have taken it upon myself to search out and vet various Hashimoto’s specialist from all over the US. I urge any of my readers to send me the specialists they have worked with, and their testimonial, and I will add them to the list. For each specialist, I will try to provide what treatments they offer, as well as any patient reviews. The first step to remission is finding what treatment will work for you! I tried to find specialist centers all over the US, but was not super successful. However, the specialist my mom and I see, helps patients nation wide! Here is what I found:

  1. Carolinas Thyroid Institute: Gastonia, NC

Dr. Steven Roach is the specialist of The Carolinas Thyroid Institute. He is a North Carolina State Graduate and offers a Functional Medical approach. His goal is to work with the body and he offers nationwide treatment.

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 6.07.17 PM
Here is a screen grab from their page on Hashimoto’s. https://www.carolinasthyroidinstitute.com/

2. Atlanta Endocrine Associates: Atlanta, GA

The doctor at the Atlanta Endocrine Associates is Dr. Isaacs. His primary form of treatment is thyroid replacement therapy. He has 114 reviews averaging 5 stars.

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 5.59.04 PM

3. Red River Health and Wellness

Red River Health and Wellness has 6 locations that treat Hashimoto’s: Scottsdale Arizona, Albuquerque New Mexico, South Jordan Utah, St. George Utah, Henderson Nevada, and Boise Idaho. A quote from their page reads,” We seek to identify the specific triggers that may be causing flair-ups”.

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 6.36.17 PM

4. Los Angeles Integrative Medicine: Glendale , CA
The treatment center at Los Angeles Integrative Medicine has a very targeted approach. The start by diagnoses through testing the patients TPO levels. The treatment process can include: Hormone Replacement, Herbal Remedies, Diet, Cyrex Lab Test for Food Triggers, Stress Reduction Training, Balancing Digestive Bacteria, and Regulating Blood Sugar Levels.

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 6.44.28 PM

I hope this information is useful to you, and that you find a specialist that you feel comfortable with!


Hashimoto’s Heiress