About Hashimoto’s Symptoms

Dear Reader,

When battling Hashimoto’s, most of the information you read about symptoms are dealing with strictly Hypothyroidism symptoms.  However, because it is an autoimmune disease and not just a Hypothyroidism disease, you can experience both Hyper and Hypo symptoms depending on what stage you are at. When your body is initially attacking your thyroid, a lot of thyroid hormones that are stored can be released. This causes an influx of stimulating hormones, which makes your body over work itself and exhibit Hyperthyroidism symptoms. Over time, your thyroid can become deadened from being attacked by the antibodies. It won’t be able to produce enough hormones, and the stored up supply has been depleted by the Hyperthyroidism. Even when most of these symptoms are under control by your treatment regimen, you can still have flare-ups. Flare-ups can be caused by stress, eating something that can trigger the antibodies, being sick, not listening to your body telling you to rest, not maintaining self-care, or not maintaining your supplement regimen. The most important thing is to listen to your body. If you’re feeling stressed, make more of an effort to relax. If you are starting to feel fatigued, don’t exercise and don’t over do it. Take a nap, go to bed early, take a day off from work. Maintaining your bodies peak efficiency with your disease should now be your number one priority. Hashimoto’s doesn’t have a cure, but we can enter remission if we become in tune with our bodies, trust our specialist, and think positively.

I am adding an extra column so that you can check off the symptoms you are experiencing, as well as tally up what kind of symptoms at the end. Knowing which kind of symptoms you favor can help identify what stage of the disease you’re in.

Symptom Category Are You Experiencing this Symptom?
Fatigue Both
Mental Fog/ Unable to Concentrate Both
Memory Loss/ Forgetfulness Hypo
Sensitivity to Cold Hypo
Sensitivity to Heat Hyper
Sudden Increase in Weight Hypo
Extreme Weight Loss Hyper
Resistance to Weight Loss with Diet and Exercise Hypo
Feeling More Fatigued After Working Out, Instead of Energized Both
Low Libido Both
Constipation Hypo
Diarrhea Hyper
Bloating Both
Depression Hypo
Irritability Hyper
Anxiety Hyper
Dry Brittle Hair Hypo
Hair Loss Hyper
Peeling and Brittle Nails Both
Dry Skin Both
Puffy Face/ Inflammation Both
Goiter on the Thyroid Both
Infertility Hyper
Heavy Periods/ Irregularity Hypo
Light periods/ Irregularity Hyper
Rapid Heartbeat Hyper
Slow heartbeat Hypo
Irregular heartbeat/ PVCs Both
Muscle weakness Hyper
Muscle stiffness Hypo
Moving Joint and Muscle pain Hypo
Total Symptoms Hypo:                     Hyper:             Both:

Thank you for reading, and I hope that this list, and “worksheet”, can help you identify your symptoms. If you have many of these, take them to your doctor and have them run a blood test for TPO levels! If you are already diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, let me know in the comments what symptom(s) you struggle with the most. Also, what have you identified that can trigger a flare-up, and how do you manage them? As always, if you have experienced any symptoms that I may have missed, let me know! I will add them to the list!

XOXO, Hashimoto’s Heiress