Thank God for my side hustle!

Back in June when I had gotten my first first paycheck from Aspire Youth and Family I realized what working for a non profit means monetarily. Let me just tell you, I am some one who loves to budget and plan out my month. I was actually super excited to only get paid once a month, its easier to budget! However, its hard to budget when there isn’t anything TO budget. Its really comical… I would just subtract out my bills and rent and then just look at the rest and go….. “well thats how much I have to eat on for the month”.

So what do you do when you get in a position like this? You know you are where God wants you to be, and you haven’t felt this happy in a job for a long time. I also knew that I wanted to be saving for my future, and that I had to find another source of income to make that happen. I have babysat, nannied, house/pet sat, and run my own business called Mikayla’s Meals to make some extra money. So I just prayed. I prayed for God to provide me the opportunity to make money to save for my future, and wouldn’t interfere with my 9-5 job. Within a week I had 5 different people approach me about wanting to buy Arbonne from me.

That was at the beginning of June. I decided to commit sign up as an independent consultant again in July and work my business. The key thing here is commitment. I committed to working my business faithfully, with gratitude, because God gave me this opportunity and these people that wanted to shop with me.

God rewards those that are faithful and those that listen to him. The day after I signed up and placed my order for the month, Arbonne release a promotion for July. Instead of having to have 6000 qv to promote to the first level of management, they were reducing the qualifications to 3000 qv to promote to district manager. If that isn’t a reward from God, I don’t know what is.

I love that my side hustle, and my 9-5 are both service oriented jobs. I have a service driven heart and love that I get to serve my communities and promote health starting at home in both jobs.

Check out my post about Arbonne, to find out why I chose to sell the products, and why I only use Arbonne and have for six years!

XOXO, Hashimoto’s Heiress